About Jodie    

Never having lived on a farm till my early thirties put me behind the 8-Ball. I didn't have access to machinery and tools and my

Dad was NOT a shed man.

Bush furniture that I made was where I first had an inkling there might actually be a creative or arty side in me. (previous to

this the only creative thing I did was arrange food nicely on a plate)


A few years ago I wanted to mosaic something and came up with the idea to make a ballerina out of junk metal and mosaic

a plough disc in beautiful blues (as a skirt). It took months for Ross-my husband– to have time to weld her together. Once

started he finished it pretty quickly. I just had to hold the pieces and “look away”


The welding idea was planted.


Six months later I decided to make an emu for a friend who owns an emu oil business. At home I fashioned the body out of

chicken wire. Then unwrapped it and found metal pieces that were the right shape and then waited for Ross again. This time I

asked him to show me how to weld. He gave me a quick lesson and left me to my own devices.


I have been welding by myself ever since.


Here was something I could do without buying too many new tools and I could use materials we already had on the farm.


Spotting the potential of a metal piece and seeing it fit into a sculpture is the ART.

Bringing to life discarded pieces of  metal junk and rearranging them to form something new is the EXCITEMENT.

Each piece has a sense of history. Someone else used this part or tool and now its “alive” again.


Its easy to get immersed in my work, surrounded by the dogs, the radio, the hum of the arc welder and copious amounts of

rusty metal. A whole day can go by without me noticing, such is my PASSION.


Of course there have been people along the way who have indulged my passion and excitement.

Cody our son who loves looking for “treasures”

Wendy, Marnie, Claudia, Deb & Catherine who are not only great friends but prolific treasure hunters too.

The people of my community, who have allowed my to scrounge their dumps, applauded my work and helped in any way

they can.

And last of all to ROSS who has been a wonderful supporter, sounding board, weld checker and who not only makes his

own lunch (now) but shares his shed and tools with me.